Python for Network Engineers Free Email Course

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I ran this course a couple of months ago and am going to run it again starting on June 26.

The course is intended for network engineers that have some amount of scripting or programming experience (Perl, shell scripting, etc.). The course is neither for the absolute beginner (i.e. have never programmed before) nor for intermediate or advanced programmers. It is a beginner class, however, so you don't need a lot of programming experience. It doesn't presuppose any previous Python knowledge.

Most of the examples and exercises will pertain to network engineering concepts so you should have a good grounding in Network Engineering.

The format of the course will be an email a week (roughly every Thursday). The email will have a link to a video and some additional relevant content.

The content of the course will be as follows (subject to change):
Week1: Why Python, the Python Interpreter Shell, Strings
Week2: Numbers, Lists
Week3: Conditionals and For Loops
Week4: While loops, Dictionaries, and Exceptions
Week5: Review and Exercises
Week6: Functions
Week7: Files and Regular Expressions
Week8: Modules and Packages
Week9: Classes and Objects
Week10: Exercise: Network Device Objects, SSH/Telnet, and Pickle

You can sign-up at:


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