Top 10 IT Skills for 2014

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The Top Ten IT Skills for 2014

I found this article pretty much right on the money. Glad to see service management drop off, at least on this list of 10. I always felt that role could easily be consolidated with another role, such as PM or EM.


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    CyberfiSecurityCyberfiSecurity Member Posts: 184
    I disagree with the list, for example cloud. What is exactly cloud the article is referring to? The cloud is nothing but based on original computer networking and data center infrastructure.
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    I agree that the term "cloud" is a bit broad and more then likely overused. But I generally look at it as the ability to do more with less. At my last job we were basically completely in the cloud as a unit. Three local servers, email (University controlled it), networking (University), and phones (University). Other then those items anyone of our users could unplug and go home to do work without anything needing to be switched or setup.

    As for this list, I tend to feel like they put every skill possible on the list. I would have liked to see more specific skill sets.
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    HeeroHeero Member Posts: 486
    Yeah that wasn't a list of skills, but rather a list of almost every area in IT.
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    lol, it read a bit like most job adds....

    I found it interesting the networking was near the top.
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    DeathmageDeathmage Banned Posts: 2,496
    So pretty much right there in that list, if you get A+, Net +, Sec +, Project +, and Mobility + you pretty much have an edge with getting a decent job. Of course with a specialization of course like CCNA for the Cisco route or MCSA/SE for the Microsoft Route.

    This explains why I'm always getting hounded by headhunter on Linkedin. icon_rolleyes.gif
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