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I'm asking about the approach to finish all the 200 cisa exam questions in the required time limit of 4 hours .
my experience in CISA exam which i sat for last week was not good , as inspite that i studied well for the exam and solved all the official ISACA practice Q& A DB ... in the real exam i was unable to finish all the questions ( about 50 Questions short ) .. i think that was because of the paper and pencil nature of exam which im not accustomed to.

the people who passed CISA Exam ... did u move all the way from 1 to 200 or begun from the easiest questions, or what ?

ur experience would truely help me as iam having nightmares all the past week that i will even fail the next exam although i totally understand and practice CISA concepts .




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    I can't speak on the CISA directly but I took the CISM this past week which has the same number of questions and although I can say the real questions didn't accurately reflect what I studied for with the Q&A practice questions it sounds like you are running into a different situation. If you were just a handful of questions shy then I think tips might help you but to be 50 questions shy of finishing a 200 question test sounds like you are honestly suffering from paralysis by analysis. Simply read the question, read the answer and select the one that sounds best without over-thinking it to the point where you are freezing up. It sounds like you left A LOT on the table that could of helped you pass even if you guessed..
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    I agree with zxbane. You may be over-thinking the test questions. This can be especially difficult for somebody who is new to IT audit or has had significant experience outside of audit. Make sure you answer the questions from the perspective of an IT auditor. Do not assume that every question is a trick question. If possible, eliminate the two answers that are clearly not correct and focus on the two answers that feel more likely. Make your final selection and move on.

    You can pass this!
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    thank you andhow , zxbane ... obviousely i had a problem with the paper and pencil exam that slowed me down, as i practiced full test exams and finished on time ... but that didnt help me inspite that i have IT experience , and currently working as an auditor .
    any practical tips for tackling the answers table in the exam .. i mean in other certifications (CMA) we used to start by the easiest parts to save time .. can this be applied to CISA
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    1) Do not over-read the questions.
    2) If you are unsure or stuck just mark the question and move on.
    3) Keep track your time, you should be averaging at least 50-60 questions per hour.
    4) There is no negative marking for incorrect answers so do not worry if you encounter difficult questions at start of the exams.
    5) Per my personal experience the first 50 questions are the most easy ones so try to breeze through them.
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