Windows NT Backup?

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We have a laser cutting machine running Windows NT at my work. I have been assigned a task of performing a backup of this PC. A previous technician has failed at getting the machine backed up. The machine is not currently connected to our corporate network. It is obviously ancient so it has no usb drives, and an attempt to backup with Norton Ghost via CD failed. We are wanting to assign a static IP to this machine, but have not done so yet. I would presume the only option is to backup to the network once it is connected, otherwise I am at a loss? I am a help desk support technician and this is only my 3rd week on the job. Any help would be appreciated.
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    So this machine is totally separated from your network? It does not connect to the internet to your network physically in anyway?
    If it has no USB drives, you are kind of out of options. Is the CD drive in it actually capable of writing CD's? I would bet no if it is that old.

    Why can't this machine be upgraded, out of curiosity?
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    Assign a static IP to the machine and use built-in backup application "NTBackup" and copy that file over to another machine and restore it somewhere.

    Otherwise, if the machine has Serial / Printer port and you really want to get fancy, you could set up a Direct-Cable Connection between two devices. Use a USB-to-Serial Adapter on the laptop / desktop.
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    I'm curious what issue you encountered with ghost. I've cloned some pretty old machines with that. A clone of the hard drive would definitely be the most complete backup option.
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    Having worked in manufacturing environments many adhere to the "it's not broken don't fix it" philosophy. You mess with it, then the vendor doesn't support it, the archaic app doesn't work with a newer OS, no drivers, etc. Then you are that guy who had no idea what he was doing.

    Question for the OP: is this a one time backup kind of deal or are you looking for a more permanent solution?
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    Hey thanks for all the replies. Upon further investigation the Norton backup was not done because the CD drive, from what I am told does not work. We had a lot of issues last week with our network and I wasn't able to even get a chance to look at this machine. It also has to be done after the operators leave because I can't stop production to mess with it. Cyberguypr is absolutely right. The machine runs well with what it has so there is no need to upgrade or modify it. This will be a one time back-up as far as I know. The machine has never been backed up and if something were to happen there is nothing to resort to. The machine has network capability as far as I know, but currently it is not on our network in any way. Honestly I haven't really been given much info and haven't had a chance to get out to the machine and gather more. Once I do I will update this post.
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