Coding bootcamps and which specialty?

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I've been seriously considering switching career paths and returning to IT.
back in early 90's I got into SQA, but after few years decided Sales was a more exciting field.

My degree is in International Business, and its from a university outside of US.

I've seen lots of articles on people who successfully completed one of these "Total immersion" coding bootcamps, and were able to find a job within a few months (sometimes even weeks) from graduation. The positions they found paid 75-90k+.

My questions to the group members;

What are chances of securing a position after one of these bootcamps?
What would be the salary range?
Which is in higher demand; IOS, Android or Full stack?
Which of the 3 specialties above has best compensation and best chance of getting hired?

Any other pointers/suggestions/comments are much appreciated.


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