problem with SubInterface

klez0011klez0011 Posts: 48Member ■■□□□□□□□□
hi,i follow INE ccnp route training and in section Implementing EIGRP I reach to below picture I completely mixed up
logically we have only 1 FA0/0 and it's correctly true we have multiple sub interface but I don't understand how could connect each sub interface to other router
as I show below I want to know that how Router 3 connect to R4 with Fa0/0.34 again connected to ROuter 5 with FA0/0.35
ONLY WITH 1 Interface !!!!!!
I put additional picture that show ...ip route and I really cant realize how 2 subinterface can connected Directly ::2subinterface derive from 1 physical port but each sub interface connect as 1 real port????????????




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