Can't decide what cert to do next (if any)

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I've been a generalist Windows admin for two years now (with a little bit of VMware), and am trying to decide what direction I should go with my career and certifications.

Currently I hold the following certs:
MCSA 2008 & 2012
VMware VCP550
CCNA - expired in 2011 so it's a long time since I did this one

So my options I've laid out as follows:

ITIL - looks good on CV, easy cert but SO BORING, I'll probably knock this one out soon regardless

MCSE (Server Infrastructure) - again looks good on CV for a windows admin, but I'm starting to question the true value of MS certs. They seem to have a lot of focus on obscure technologies (at least at MCSA level) and I don't feel as though I actually learned a huge amount of practical knowledge from my existing MCSA certs.

VCAP - Strong contender! I enjoyed studying for the VCP and quite like the technology, but I hardly ever see it mentioned in job ads, so I'm not sure of its value.

MCSE (Private Cloud or Messaging) - Considering one of these maybe just to mix it up, not sure if they are worth doing or not...

Citrix - As above

CCNA (renew) - might revise the material but probably won't bother with the exam

RHCSA (or some other Linux cert) - might be interesting but I have no experience with Linux so would be starting all over from scratch!

Alternatively to all that I would actually like to be a programmer! I've put some effort into scripting recently (lots of Powershell) which I've thoroughly enjoyed. But I've got A LOT of work to do to make a career out of it!!

TLDR; I'm starting to question WHY I actually am considering any of these certs. Do I just want a pretty CV, or do I actually want to LEARN the technology? Because my experience so far has told me that the two don't necessarily go hand in hand! What do you think?


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    1. Nobody here can decide for you
    2. Similarly we can't answer your final question
    3. I wonder why you don't seem to be considering Security at all.
  • RKDusRKDus Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I'm not actually expecting anyone to make decisions for me :)

    I'm just trying to start a discussion of the merits of the various certs, and find out people's reasons for doing them.

    Thanks for mentioning security as I hadn't considered it at all really.
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