AT&T DSL is a joke!! FCC

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I am overly frustrated with my AT&T DSL line. With no one else acceding the internet, I may get 6Mbps down and 1Mbps up, but when I try to play online games with someone else accessing Facebook, I am lucky to get 0.86Mbps down and 0.14 Mbps up. I live right past a small river and cable one will not cross the river because the roi isn't worth it. Is there any thing that the Federal Communications Commission can do to make Cable One cross the river? A friend that has dealt with the FCC told me that they would make them cross because I am not receiving adequate internet. Also satellite is out of the question, for I live in the woods with lots of trees. I need a fast dedicated line and AT&T isn't cutting it. Any ideas?


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    Yes, live with it, I live in a location that I can only get 1.5mps download and the FCC laughed at me, even though the same company that services my DSL offers 25mps in town. It just happens to be part of the joys of living in the woods. At least you get 1mps up, we are not even close to that on my line. Sounds like they have oversold the bandwidth in your location as they have in mine.
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    Im going to call the FCC Monday, and I will let you Leno Igbo make any progress.
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