Cisco IOS Image for GNS3

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I passed the CCNA exam 2 weeks ago, and I am looking to build on the momentum and head straight into the CCNP. Due to funds constraints, I can't afford hands on training or buy real gear at the moment. I did some research, and GNS3 appears to be a decent way to lab the CCNP Route at least. I have downloaded and installed GNS3 but my present challenge is getting Cisco IOS images to use on it. I got to download what were supposedly IOS images from a couple of sites, but it was in a video format and that got me confused.

Is there anyone out here that can help me with good sources of different Cisco IOS images and probably walk me through how I should get it to work with GNS3? I would appreciate a reply ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


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    3725 or 7200 images are your best bet. Preferably version 12.4 or 15 with the adventerprise image, whichever you can get your hands on. The file should be a .bin file assuming it's extracted.
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    Thank you OfWolfAndMan. Any links to where I can download them for free?
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    If you are going to use gns3 - then go find the gns3vault and look at their labs. They tell you what IOS to use, so you can go find it.

    For free? My only advice would be to improve your google-fu ;)
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    Yeah, this thread will get locked up quickly if you ask for IOS images. You can get some older IOS switch images free from but nothing more iirc.
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    Thanks everyone. I will have to intensify my search.
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