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What does it mean when it says create test plans and scripts?

A role I am looking at requires some testing knowledge, I've done regression testing, UAT, and created test plans. I am not sure I follow the whole script piece though.

Any knowledge share would be greatly appreciated.


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    I suppose it refers to automating tests through scripts. Lots of stuff are automated these days, especially QA.
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    Could they be referring to Test Driven Development? Many software engineer roles today require this because it allows you to have a framework for testing all of your code from the beginning.
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    I've seen the term script used before. The first and most common way I have seen it used it testing through a process. Step 1 checks out, Step 2 etc. I have seen this described as a script. I have also seen the term script which is usually accompanied by the word automation, which would indicate running automated scripts or developing programs to test certain pieces of the code.

    I think this is the this description, the position is not a software tester position. This is more of a one off duty of the role.

    Night I'll check out the link. Thanks.
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    With QA, scripting likely refers to the various proprietary scripting languages used in test automation frameworks. For example, Mercury now part of HP has a very popular testing product called WinRunner with a scripting language called TSL (Test Scripting Language). So you may use automated recorded test cases but you may have a need to script for better coverage such as negative input scenario testing.

    The term QA scripting may also refer to testing via API's for full code coverage. For example, in a mature development process, development requirements may include the use of testing libraries such a JUnit or NUnit. So direct testing of the code could be scripted to exercise actual code and validate the API contracts.

    For distributed applications with a SOA architecture, QA scripting could means writing scripts to test web-service API's.
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