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Im trying to figure a Way to integrerat my home network. I have a belkin with with one open lan port that im using now for my home network.I was thinking about putting a static ip on that port and try and ssh in to the Lab router...?

also I have a old wrt home router with wireless that I can use....Hook this up to a ethernet port on the lab router and use it to try and ssh int it that way...

The end result that i'm trying to do is anywhere at my house and what ever laptop i'm on(I have 1 macbook pro and old dell windows) I can log on my lab and make changes..

I do not at this time use my home lab to run my network. my wife is doing some online classes and i cant have anything hinder that so it would be another network that i could play and do labs with......and help would be great....

The home lab that I have is 3/2600 routers with wic cards and 3 2950 switches...But 2 of the switches died on me..but will work on that later....I think they just gave up the ghost Hardware failure....

I dont see why this could not be done either way i go...I have one more option that i can go but I would rather save that as a last resort.....

Thanks for your Time and Help.....( Only way to Learn Is to DOIT...)


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    I plugged an old wifi router into my rack and gave it the same ip network as the management lan.

    One problem I had was the router is doing dhcp. This screwed me up at first until I realized where my new addresses were coming from. I don't really use it since I ran a group of cables from my office to the lab in my basement.

    Good Luck!
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