BGP protocol between RIPng and RIPv2, how to do it?

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I am having a bit straugling about one example.
I want to make 2 networks, 2 autonomic system, one with IPv6(and RIPng protocol) and second with IPv4(and RIPv2 protocol), and all of that combine with bgp.

Things that I don't know is how to bind that 2 networks, must I all routers configure to bgp, or only 2 (1 from IPv6, and 1 from IPv4)?


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    The border / edge router of each AS will have to have BGP running obviously, you can can RIP / EIGRP / OSPF on the interior routers which will connect to the border router
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    Thanks for reply, but I don't understand, how to make that autonomic systems? Only give a address or what? How to do it in packet tracer?
    And, about bgp, if I understand, only 2 router i configure for bgp(1 from 1st AS and 1 from 2nd AS)?

    I maked one network with RIPng protocol, here is the link
    And how to make this AS?
    And when I add in this project some network with IPv4 and RIPv2, how to bind them wth bgp..
    That is what not understand...
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    How will your networks communicate when one is running IPv4 and the other IPv6?
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    I want to make 2 AS, 1st will be with IPv6, and 2nd with IPv4 and bind with bgp. Is that possible? I make(in my earlier post)one IPv6..But how to make AS on that network, and just add IPv4?

    I done the dual stack network, but not assigne ASes

    Can I put bgp here? In this network??
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