LF: Study resources for SSCP certification (articles, books, compiled notes).

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Hello Techexamers!

I am looking for study material or resources for SSCP certification, It will be great if someone will share his or her compiled bookmarks of articles, or recommend some books per domain (Access control, Security operations and Administration, Monitoring and Analysis, Risk, Response and Recovery, Cryptography, Network and Communications, Malicious code and activity)

Your response(s) will be very much appreciated.



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    The All in One SSCP book is pretty good. I didn't test in SSCP, but I read it and liked it.
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    I'm taking the SSCP exam on 6th August. I'll have completed 6 weeks' intense study by then.

    Background: I have 15 years' experience, primarily in network design/admin and server build/support, but quite a bit of experience in all 7 domains (except Crypto). However, there are plenty of gaps in my knowledge, and so I'm studying intensely. The main reason is because I'm migrating my skills and experience over to an InfoSec role.

    Anyway, to get to the point, the materials I'm using are:

    1. Darril Gibson's AIO SSCP
    2. Subscription to Pluralsight, using the SSCP course (Tony Northrup), OWASP Top 10 (Troy Hunt) and the 2011 CompTIA Security+ course (just skimming this to make sure I've missed nothing)
    3. Free Risk Management course by Martin Vonderheiden at udemy.com

    I'm then using the following additional resources to cross-reference my primary guides:
    1. Eric Conrad's CISSP study guide
    2. Shown Harris AIO CISSP (6th)
    3. NIST SP documents suggested by @JDMurray
    4. Micro Nuggets on YouTube, on the official CBT Nuggets channel.

    And of course, I'm making copious notes and flash cards.

    Side note - I had a 7 day trial on CBT Nuggets. In my opinion the SSCP course is poor, dated and not worth the money. However, their CISSP course is excellent. I'll be subscribing for a month or two for that when I move on to CISSP.

    Another side note: I've not used the SSCP OG. After reading part of the CISSP OG CBK (3rd) and sending it back to Amazon due to the ridiculous amount of typos and even technical errors(!), I don't trust their material.

    The reason I'm using the CISSP resources is because I bought these intending to sit CISSP. However, having read them both, I realised I'm not ready for that exam. I'm technical, not managerial, so things like ITIL and all those frameworks and SDLC blew my mind. However, I plan to continue study for CISSP after SSCP.

    I hope I pass SSCP after all this! But the way I see it, whether I pass or not, this will prepare me for CISSP.

    Anyway, that's the resources I'm using. I highly recommend Pluralsight in conjunction with the AIO, at the very least.

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