Security certs. just after freshmen year..too Early? - Need guidance

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I am extreamly interested in Infosec and I am able to grasp and implement the concepts really well.. but a lot of security certs recommend job experience and im in my 2nd year of B.Tech CSE. I also hear ppl. obtain these certs after they are placed and already have some experience..

I am taking my Security+ next month.. i knoe its just the fundamentals.. so im not worried about this

Can I proceed with Professional certs after this, given im really interested and have all the time I need?
Will they be useful for me.. for placements.. not primary.. but wud be good if it did..

Please suggest me a certification track.. I wanna do both Vendor specific(MS,Cisco) and neutrals..

Thank you:)


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    I would say that you could. The only thing that I foresee stopping you is requirements for experience, like those for ISC2, ISACA, and even EC Council certs. Even though you are interested in the INFOSEC arena, I would still look at getting possibly your A+ and N+ because it'll give you a much better foundation on the INFOSEC stuff, you will know more of what you are talking about, and other certs will come easier, or at least a little more manageable.

    As for a cert track, there are many threads here on TE that will guide you, just look through the security forum sections. It really depends on your interests though. If you want to start getting a little idea, look up the Sybex "The Basic" series... found sybex the basics

    These books will give you a broad overview of the IT INFOSEC arena and will hopefully let you decide more on a track that will be more interesting to you.
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    Was looking for a book like this.. thank you
    I've decided to do a Cisco cert. next because I just found out my college offers Cisco training and certification.. mostly CCNA:RS or CCENT
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    One thing to remember is that most of these certs expire within 3 years. Paying to take the exams, getting certified, then paying for the CE or retake until you're actually in the job market adds up. If there's no rush and you're not on the job hunt I'd say study for them in your free time, but wait until later to pay for it all.
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