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Hello guys,

I was wondering if you could help me please with a resume of a good friend of mine. He was actually my senior and mentor in my previous job. He has a ton of experience but he's not very good at resumes.

I already see many things that would need to be changed. I would do a summary or nothing at all (with that amount of experience). I would also focus more in the experience and explaining in detail the skills he used/acquire in there, rather than doing a list.

Can you guys please help me out ?

Very thankful for all the advices/recommendations.



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    datacombossdatacomboss Member Posts: 304 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Too long (could be condensed to 1-2 pages).

    Replace "objective" with a career summary. Remove "references" section and consolidate the "key skills", "knowledge on" and "basic knowledge, but not restricted to learn on" icon_confused.gif: sections - no need to differentiate.

    Be a little more descriptive with the work experience. Don't bullet the duties as it wastes space. Focus on 3-4 accomplishments (saving time/money or getting money) per job.
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