What Book is Best?

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I've noticed several books on Amazon to study for the A+ certification. I'm wondering what the majority of people here use? I will be using Professor Messer's videos and a book:

CompTIA A+ Ceritfication All-In-One Exam Guide by Michael Myers
CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One for Dummies by Glen Clarke
CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide Authorized Courseware by Quentin Docter
CompTIA A+ Authorized Exam Cram by David Prowse

Or even something else?



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    There is no "best book". It depends on your learning style! From when I did my A+ a few years ago, I would recommend the ExamCram. Also, take a look at CompTIA for a course bundle (if money is not an issue) You can get your vouchers and a book or two for a decent price.Bundle and Save! Save $54 - Buy the CompTIA A+ Best Bundle Today! Hurry Offer expires soon! If you have experience working with Desktop and Laptop computers (1 year or so), then the ExamCram should suffice. However, if you lack experience or knowledge, then Mike Meyers book may be the way to go. I just found this website today. Take a look for a decent free practice exam for the A+. **Use the CH-111 exam for practice.*** This was very similar to when I took my A+. Free Online Certification Exams From NCSA
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    I have both the 801 and 802. The resources I used were:

    1. Professor Messer - Videos & Study Guides. I would highly recommend his study guides, as they do a fantastic job of giving you all of the key concepts in one single study guide.
    2. CompTIA A+ Rapid Review. I would also highly recommend this book as another source to go along with Professor Messer. It literally breaks down the objectives in step by step fashion and gives you everything you need to know, its brief and to the point. There's also a Training Kit edition that goes into even more depth about topics in the objectives, but unless you like doing a lot of reading and are extremely new to computers and technology...I would go straight to the Rapid Review and save a lot of time.

    That's it. If you have a good overall understanding of computers and are used to interacting with them and Windows, those 2 resources should be more than enough for you.

    I also used Exam Cram here and there, it's another good resource if you have the money to buy the book and want even more material...but eventually I couldn't take all the long reading and found I was more than prepared with the above 2 resources.

    Also, in my opinion...I know a lot of people praise the Meyers book, but its WAY too long and has a lot of what I find to be unnecessary filler and definitely gives you way more information than is even needed when it comes to the exams.
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    Rocket ImpossibleRocket Impossible Member Posts: 104
    I thought the Mike Meyers book was good. I used that, Professor Messer and MeasureUp practice tests.
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    I used CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide Authorized Courseware by Quentin Docter, in fact the first time I took the exam I only read this study guide, I read all the chapters but didn't read last two chapters (if my memory serves me well I think the last two chapters were about smart devices if not laptops and, customer services, I didn't read them because I thought I knew the topics very well so I didn't bother myself) and I only tested my knowledge using the book's practice questions only, there wasn't any other study materials I used except this guide, so after studying the guide I finally decided to book and I took the exam and scored 536/1000 and the passing score was 675. So my point here is that this guide covers the exam topics very well even though I didn't pass the exam if had read all the chapters in the guide I would have scored better points using the guide alone.
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    I don't think you will find one book better than the other. When I began to study for the A+, I choose one book and stuck to it. Just make sure you keep the exam objective handy and go down the list. If you find a topic that's giving you some problem, go to Prof Messer or google it.
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