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Just registered to self-study challenge my second GIAC exam (GCIA). Anyone have any good recommendations for books to purchase?


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    I don't know what the latest revision of the course / exam is like, but I'd guess that my old list still relevant:
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written:
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    Hello Nova Hax,

    I wonder if you had browse through my topic?

    GCIA - Requires (Tcpdump, Wireshark, Snort, Latest NSM)
    Network Intrusion Detection* - Written by Stephen Northcutt from GIAC. Although an old book, this book covers the necessary intrusion analyst skill you required. Mainly TCPDump and analysis some of the older and common traffic, including ICMP, fragmentation and scanning; most of this which had not changed much over the years.
    Practical Packet Analysis* - Written by Chris Sander, GCIA Certified. Everything you need to know about analyzing with Wireshark in this book. This book covers the wireshark knowledge requires for the exam.
    Snort Manual (latest version) ** - Snort is a big part of the exam, snort manual is good enough to teach you everything you need to know about the exam in regards to snort.
    The Practice of Networking Security Monitoring** - Written by Richard Betjlich, who has read every stephen northcutt books on intrusion analysis. Richard covers everything you need to know on NSM on this book, NSM is a ever changing environment; thus this book need to review every 2-3 years to see if it is applicable for the exam.
    Network Forensic: Tracking Hackers Through Cyberspace - Written by two SANS instructor, while I do not think this book its necessary for GCIA, and could possible be more applicable for GCFA. I do believe this book is worth a look into given the content is being cover by two of the SANS instructor.
    Bros IDS and Silk Manual
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    Wow...some great references. I think I'm going to do a bulk purchase on Amazon this afternoon. Thanks guys
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    I think I mention them on the other thread, you must be really blind =O
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