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Good Day All,

I am wondering something regarding the Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications.

Is it just me, or is this particular certification lacking in materials for study. I have been interested in grabbing the four infrastructure certifications, as I lack really any Microsoft knowledge, (I come from the other side.) as well as to grab some easy certifications.

The main problem is, I find very few pieces of material that are around for this exam in any great depth.

I am wondering, does anyone have any good place to find the materials, as most do not seem to be targeted for these exams?


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    The Microsoft Virtual Academy has courses tied to the MTA Networking Fundamentals, and MTA Security Fundamental exams.

    I do not see any courses specifically linked to the Windows Operating System and Windows Server Admin MTAs, although you could piece together materials that cover the exam objectives from the courses available at the website.

    Certiport has student study guides available for download.

    There is also the official courseware, for example: Exam 98-366: MTA Networking Fundamentals.

    Pluralsight has training videos for some MTAs, as well.
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    Thanks Laura!

    Good to know on Pluralsite - I have access to it, so it is useful for me to have it.

    The Certiport guides I have read - Am I the only one who thinks they are missing a lot of things, and just read as a review? I feel like I am reading the review sections of the chapters that should be there.

    Thanks again for your help, it does help me along quite swimmingly.
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