Alternative for Doctorate in Information Security

For those of you want to earn a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Information Security for a little money. There is a program offers by Charisma University, it is Ph.D in Cyber Security Administration. The total tuition is less than $5,000.00. Charisma University is operated in the the Island of Grand Turk and Caicos, it is accredited by by the Accreditation Services for International Colleges under the British Government. It is also approved by the Grand Turk's Ministry of Education, and its business school candidacy of ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business School and Programs).

Just keep in mind that the school is not accredited by any Accrediting Agencies under the U.S Department of Education or CHEA. The program is recommended for those who is looking for adjunct positions, professional consulting; however, it is not recommended for those who are looking for full tenure track.
Vice President | Citigroup, Inc.
President/CEO | Agility Fidelis, Inc.


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