privilege and parser view

JHON CENAJHON CENA Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
hi all,

i need to know the difference between privilege and parser view ??

they are same for me


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    iwannaknowITiwannaknowIT Member Posts: 111
    I just finished Barker's video on this subject....Privilege level 15 is the default(in which you can see everything from atop of the mountain)...Parser view can "dictate" what you're allowed to do at that level. You might want to limit a Jr Admin with Level 15 privilege to just see "show" commands,but no be able to make changes....The Parser view is sort of a "look,but don't touch" approach(depending on your policy)....Just to be clear,you can set this view @ ANY level..I just mentioned 15 as an example
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