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Wanted to post this but just got around to it. A few pointers for the test... I actually found it quite difficult even though I went over the objectives front to back and really felt I had a great grasp on the material.

Do the simple memorization!!!! Port numbers, cabling, connectors etc. all that stuff is easy just take the time to memorize it!

Know the Osi model!!! It might be difficult at first but after a while it just falls in place and makes sense. Make sure you know it!

Last helpful hint. Know your subnet ting!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean really know it. Do labs, read about it, watch videos, and then do it again and agin till you got it down!!!!!

Best of luck everyone!


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    Memorization v Understanding the Material. When it comes to Cabling, my advice would be to google the actual cable where you can get a visual on the different type of connectors. Also know the speed and distance in reference to cabling, know the type of cables cat5, cat5e, cat6, multimode, singlemode, coaxile, etc In addition know, the wire scheme for crossover and straight-through.
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