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One of the jobs that I am very interested in has a few specific things on the requirement list that I was curious about. They are wanting a basic understanding of the following protocols and applications:

NFS, the UNIX remote file sharing protocol.
CIFS, the Windows NT remote file sharing protocol.
SAN connectivity methodologies for storage systems.
TCP/IP and Networking.

So, I have a basic understanding of all these things. At the same time though, I am a bit confused on how they all fit together. Since it is a job posting for a data storage company, I am assuming they all are technologies used in Storage? I wanted to do a little more research on all of these things and how they work together, and wasn't so sure if there might be a certificate that includes all of these things or perhaps some sort of specific technology?

Basically, I want to educate myself a bit more but am unsure of how do go about doing that outside of a Google search. While I do have a basic understanding of all of these things, now I am curious and wanting to learn more. I hope that sort of makes sense. :)

Thank you.


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    In my environment, all of our disks are SAN through IBM SVCs.

    From the storage perspective -- SAN, TCP/IP and RAID all clearly go together and can be directly related to storage. NFS and CIFS are likely utilized to mount SAN-based storage from other systems over TCP/IP.

    Just think... If an issue comes about where a CIFS or NFS mount is having issues -- three big players are involved: systems (OS), networking (TCP/IP), and storage (SAN). Storage is a piece of that equation so it would be relevant to understand these technologies.
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    Thank you for the prompt and precise reply. You actually took my thought process and completed it. I had divided them into two groups in my head and was just trying to put them together, and now I feel like I missed the obvious.

    When it comes to Storage, is there a particular certification that allows me (a beginner) to study and learn the basics? I've heard Storage+ and I have also heard the SNCP.
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    Pick up a CompTIA Storage+ book or video. Nigel Poulton is the author. Good stuff.
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