Passed 801 today!

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I passed 801 with a score of 839. I used the youtube videos of Professor Messer. I watch the videos and finish it for a day. The next day I go on with the practice tests and the third day I decided to take the tests. I am really not into studying and I am easily get bored on watching training videos. I used to browse and forward most of the video parts and sometimes I slept while watching these videos. I guess a really have a poor studying technique and not really into studying anymore.

But don't get me wrong. I still want to earn more certificates but I'm kinda frustrated with my studying habits. I am lucky that I passed the 801. I guess I just have a good foundation when it comes to computer hardwares because I am building computers since pentium I is out. That was the era of Cartridge CPUs, ISA slots and small memories. So my experience with computer I guess is a good foundation for me.

I plan to take the 802 exam this week and I hope you can give me some advice on it. I haven't seen the videos of Professor Messer 802 yet but I guess I'll watch his videos again. I am a little excited right now and I feel like I want to get the A+ title now. I really want to take the exam now because my excitement might soon be gone and forgot to take the exam anymore. My company before sponsored me to take the CCNA last 2010 and I was so afraid on taking the exam that I might failed it. I've rescheduled my exam a dozen times until I forgot to take the exam anymore. That time I really regret it because it's free and trainings were provided in the company.

I am back on track right now. It was really a good experience taking the tests. I felt nervous, but burning with excitement. I hope I can pass the 802 exam to earn the A+ cert. I am planning to get CCNA next since I already have some idea working with cisco devices.


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