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I'm using Linux Academy to prepare along with a course textbook, but I also have access to Transcender through my campus. The only caveat is I can only have 2 Transcender products unlocked at a time, and I'd rather not waste on the Linux+ materials if they aren't worth it. Some of the Transcender stuff has been spotty in the past. Has anyone had experience with it?


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    I am using the LinuxAcademy site as well. I have heard from a couple sources that the Transcender practice material for the Linux exams isn't worth it. If you search through the forums on LinuxAcademy you will find the posts. I believe one said that it was good solely for understanding the structure of the exam, but the content was off the mark. I have asked multiple people what I should focus on and the overwhelming response was memorize the study guide and course notes from LA. I did read the Sybex book for 101, and it was next to worthless. Just my opinion. I did exactly what was recommended to me for the 101 and it definitely worked. Good luck.
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    When you say study guide/course notes do you mean that 14 page PDF with all the commands?
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    I wondered the same thing, what is this study guide I see people refer to. I signed up for the Linux Academy through Udemy. I must have missed that.
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    Each training video is also supplemented with course notes, in addition to the general study guide that an earlier post referred to. You can find a link to the course notes on the right side of each training video in the learning module.
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    I see the lectures and notes, I do not see the study guide. Unless I am mixing apples and oranges again. Which Linux Academy class is it that people are referring to. I signed up for 'Learn to run Linux Servers from Scratch'.
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    I am referring to the study guide on Linux Academy for the Linux exam 101 and 102 sections. After you click on the course you are studying, to the right on that page, is a link for "Required Reading". This link is for the Study Guide. The individual sections of the exam have there own course notes as well. The study guide is a must and does cover the majority of what you will see on the exam. If was crucial for me because there's so much about Linux and it's easy to get off track.
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