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I would like to know, how many CPE's can I collect for CISA, after going through 50+ hours of video training's, 10 hours of audio training's and 5000 pages of reading?. I just passed CISSP and would like to add the CPE's to CISA.
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    Well, I'd say 50 hours for the videos, 10 for the audio, and the reading shouldn't matter because that is more than enough to meet your annual requirement.
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    I seem to get audited by ISC2 regularly regarding my CPE's. (Yes, I've always been able to quickly provide evidence of the training/education.) It's not a huge deal, but, relating to this thread, how do you provide evidence to ISC2 around this kind of activity? I don't doubt that a lot of time and effort went into studying. Does ISC2 ever push back?

    Update: Hmmm... My brain is not working. I saw this as CISA studying for CISSP CPE's. Not the other way around. Feel free to disregard. icon_rolleyes.gif
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