Should I be looking for a different job, or stay she's gather experience?

RedGaiterRedGaiter Member Posts: 83 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hi guys, just wondering what you guys think on whether I should be looking for a different job/employer
Quick background: I have A+, Network+, and CCENT. I am currently working towards CCNA & MCSA. I am a Microsoft person through and through. However, in May I was hired as a helpdesk support / IT Assistant in an Apple environment. It's my first real IT job, and my starting pay is okay ($40k).
I really want to get into a Microsoft job and work myself up to be a sysadmin, but I fear I don't have enough experience. Would you guys recommend me staying as Apple helpdesk support to gain experience while I get MCSA (hopefully by Christmas), or should I start applying for jobs in a Microsoft office straight away?
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