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I just passed my CCNP re-cert yesterday, so my next goal is CISSP. I have worked in Network Engineering/Administration for about 10yrs and was in Navy Communications for 27yrs before that. I actually took a CISSP class in college in 2004 but never went after the cert (not so smart). I am attending a boot camp next week. Since I had to renew my CCNP before it expired, I will only have 6 days to study before I go to the boot camp. I have the Shon Harris book which the boot camp will use. I also have the ISC2 book that I bought a couple years ago (not sure of the edition). I am trying to figure out what I should do before the boot camp. I was thinking about trying to go through the book, but that is probably not realistic. I am not under a timeline to take the actual test, but I am hoping to take it in a month. I would appreciate any advice on what I should do before the boot camp as well as after. I have been reading posts on this forum and can see this will be very useful.

Thanks in advance!


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    Boot camps are good to build understanding of the concepts. Books are good to memorize key terms and definitions. Books also help you focus on particular areas while, boot camps are generic in nature. I suggest you go through at least one of the following books, to get to geared up and prepared for CISSP:

    1- Official Guide to CISSP CBK 3rd
    2- AIO Guide to CISSP 6th
    3- CISSP Study Guide - Eric 2nd Edition
    4- CISSP Guide 6th - Sybex

    Good Luck.
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    Thanks for the advice. I have the AIO Guide to CISSP 6th.

    Also I actually have the Official ISC2 Guide to the CISSP CBK 2nd edition. Can anyone tell me if there is a big difference between this edition and the 3rd edition?

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    There is never a big difference between two editions of book aligned. But, there are updates, revisions, additions and omissions. You can work on the 2nd edition but, you will have to keep your eyes open for changes and revisions.
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    I am also going for CISSP.
    I've read:
    CISSP For dummies (which did not include everything so I added more resources)
    CISSP AIO 6th edition
    registered to CCCure online quiz.
    and also reading some blog **** sheets online and curled them to my computer :)

    I think it is better reference to multiple sources, some of them explain better than the others..
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