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Although I will not be taking any exams that test on the knowledge of Exchange Server, I think it would be helpful if I installed and used it in my MCSE lab practices. I am assuming that although I would have no certification stating my ability in that area, I would be able to put it on my resume as having skills in Exchange Server administration. Does anyone think that this would be a good idea? I am also contemplating using ISA Server, but I'm still a little clueless as to what its purpose is. If someone could clue me in I would be grateful.



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    IMHO, it takes a lot more than installing it in a home lab to be able to put it on your resume. Many options influence other options and 'just' by installing it in a home lab you won't be able to oversee the consequences of many things. Exchange server is not just a piece of software you install on a Windows 2000 Server, it is much more than Windows 2000 itself. Why not take the install and admin exam (70-224 I think)? Buy the training kit and take all the labs, read, read, read, and then you'll have a cert to put on your resume, which won't lead directly to a job where they will let you touch an Exchange server's config, but knowing how to add a mailbox/user (and the huge amount of related options/properties) can be an important skill for Windows 2000 sys admins and may lead further.

    I've assisted at dozens of interviews, and helped many people with their resumes; it is generally a very bad idea to put something on a resume if you have 'experience' with it only in a home lab. It will often give the impression you are not taking it seriously.

    Here's on of my favorite Exchange server websites:

    If you want a good reference book for Exchange (not for MCSE exam prep) I recommend Tony Redmond's MS Exchange Server for Windows 2000 Planning Design and Implementation. This book covers running Exchange 5.5 and 2000 on Windows 2000, as well as their differences.

    Tony Redmond is the Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Compaq Global Services and is actively involved in the development of Exchange Server at Microsoft and supports some of the world's largest Exchange environments.
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    Personally I do not recommend padding a resume like that. If I was your employer and I found out that you did not have the skills involved I would hear your butt to the door.
    Knowing locally that many heads of IS know each other well and chat a bit then I would expect that in a smaller locale word would get around and that is not condusive to future prospects. I think better to perhaps just mention that you have experience installing Exchange and leave it at that.
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    Ive got a buddy making some serious cash right now. He is contracting for the govy, and he specializes in Exchange server.. (shop guru). He had no certs on it. But put it down as a skill of his. He did not claim to be an expert, just said he had knowledge..

    But as far as what he told me about Exchange. He told me that is a very good thing to get a cert in. (his personal opinion). His theory is.. The main reason for a lan is email :) just his thoughts..

    and my $ .02

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