Passed CWTS (PW0-071)

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Hi Everyone,

Since I decided to build my wireless knowledge from "0" level I decided to take this exam and I passed today with a score: 92%.

My background:
I do have around three years experience with wireless topics - mostly in: implementation and support -> I would say: 50% / 50%. I have experience working with vast amount of wireless manufacturers: Netgear (home and business equipment), D-Link, Cisco (and of course Linksys) and Aerohive.

My preparations:
I stared with official CWNP book for this exam and read it quickly for the first time. After that I took both practice tests from CWNP (got them for free with some promotion). They revealed my weak areas on which I focused during my second read of official book. Each time I took notes. After that I took once more both practice tests and went for an exam.
The whole process took me around 3 weeks.

1.) I do see a need to supplement preparations for CWNP exams with extra material(s) - except official preparations book.
2.) CWNP practice tests are really helpful during studying process. In my opinion they are a little bit harder than a real exam.
3.) Since this was my first CWNP exam - I was surprised they have they the same approach to answering questions as Cisco. You have to answer the question before moving to the next one - and of course there are no possibilities to mark them for future review. The only thing you can do is to add a comment to each question when you think there is something wrong with it.

Next one - CWNA (new one) already scheduled for 2nd September.



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    3 weeks prep? Wow.

    Very well done mate. Is CWTS the starting cert?
  • owieczka_maowieczka_ma Member Posts: 60 ■■■□□□□□□□
    CWTS is starting certification in CWNP program - but not required. Next one - CWNA - is used as a pre-requisite to all higher ones and is required to gain. More information can be check here: CWNP | Certifications - CWNP's Wireless Certifications offered by Certified Wireless Network Professionals.
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    CWTS is a good vendor neutral certification covering fundamentals of 802.11 networking.
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    I was wondering , after you pass this certification, are you able to do a site survey, from positioning the AP's, calculating power, loss, etc ?! I started to read directly CWNA and so far there is nothing hard, but those abbreviations make my head explode icon_rolleyes.gif

    Thanks for the info!!
  • Mike-MikeMike-Mike Member Posts: 1,860
    I started to read this book then got distracted with other stuff. I think I will get back to it...

    Currently Working On

    CWTS, then WireShark
  • owieczka_maowieczka_ma Member Posts: 60 ■■■□□□□□□□
    After getting all the required knowledge and passing CWTS certification you will not be able yet do perform any site survey.
    To do that you will need:
    - knowledge on at least: CWNA or (Cisco) CCNA Wireless + CUWSS (Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey) level,
    - knowledge of any tools needed to perform site survey (e.g.: Ekahau).
  • waynebo3waynebo3 Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I passed CWTS December 31, 2015. I wanted to get it done before the New Year. I thought I scored better than I did but its a pass. I used the official book for the CWTS from CWNP and also read through the CWNA book for extra detailed explanation of topics. I like the idea that its lifetime even though a lower level cert. I have 3 certs since Aug 2015 and my focus is sharp and im grinding this IT field hard. I am shooting for CCNA by the spring.
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  • owieczka_maowieczka_ma Member Posts: 60 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Congrats @waynebo3!
    Are you planning to approach any other certifications exams from CWNP?
  • waynebo3waynebo3 Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    As of right now, I don't really see anymore CWNP in my future. I think CCNA wireless, then voice is more probable.
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    Hello Folks,

    I am new to this group.... Am planning to take up my CWTS certification this month... Little curios to know if any one has completed there CWTS certification exam recently who shared the ****.
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