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Hey guys I have a few questions that don't entirely relate to just the network + exam and would like some information if at all possible. I currently have my associates degree in networking engineering and am currently three semesters away from my Bachelors Degree in Networking cyber security engineering. I always hear people talk about the importance of the comptia certificates and would really like to start studying for them. My first question is which would be more beneficial to get once im done with school A=, Network +. Security, etc? Also since I will be coming out of school with only the experience I gained from there vmware, server configurations, router setup what should my initial starting salary be in the range of what is accessible to me to acquire for? I know it is dependent on where I apply but what would be my best bet to go for in my field?
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.



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    I would jump straight to Security + than CISCO to be honest, with your degree and a couple of Cisco certifications. You can aim towards a Network Administrator position or a Security Tech. Always remember in the field of technology, work experience is vital. So I would work on putting some more experience under your belt. To answer your question, since your concentration is security. You should aim for Security+, at the end of the day it all depends on how strong you are on networking.
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    Thank you for the response. The problem I am having is that since my degree is so broad their are many avenues I can take. I need the experience the most but I don't want to sell myself short and take a job that can barely break $40k a year. Security seems to be in very high demand. Are cisco certificates regarded as highly as comptia ones?

    Thanks for the help
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