A question on FC Zoning

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Hi, Not a SAN engineer so do bear with me.

Suppose I have 3 ESXi server and a netapp filer with two heads that I want to run FC for data stores and each server and netapp head has 2 HBA's

So how should i zone up (performance and redundancy rather than security focus)

Put all 6 EXIi HBA's and all 4 NETapp HBA's in to a single zone ?

Put All 6 ESXi HBA's in to one group, create 2 groups for the netapp (each head seperate) and create 2 zones one for each head.

OR create 3 groups one for each ESXi server and create 6 Zones, with each ESXi hosts paired with each of the Filer heads?

OR create a separate zone for each Target and Initiator HBA so 24 in total?

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    DevilWAH wrote: »
    OR create a separate zone for each Target and Initiator HBA so 24 in total?

    This is the way it is typically done.
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    You probably want to enable ALUA on the luns, this will allow you to see "non-optimized" paths for the storage. Meaning a lun on head A can be accessed through ports on head B, if all the paths to head A are dropped. This is called "non-optimized" because the I/Os will traverse the interconnect. In the 2000 series Netapps the interconnect is "virtual" meaning there is no actual cable.
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