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Hey TE,

First of all, thanks to everyone here for the good info on what to read up on, which videos to watch, etc. Jonathan Lau's book, some CBT Nugget videos (free with 7 day trial lol) and the same with Pluralsight and a wiki here and there did the trick.

Score 841/900

Not too hard, I remember A+ being a little harder. Most of the questions were straight forward, 'what is this?' and 'what is that?' type questions. A few scenario based ones.

Once again, Thanks to all here at TE. Hopefully this info is useful to anyone taking the exam in the near future.


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    Congrats on the pass.
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    I haven't decided on whether or not I am going to do Server+. I am taking Security+ on Saturday and then was thinking of starting the Microsoft track for a double MCSE (Server Infrastructure and Exchange).
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    Congrats! I am taking this on Saturday. I hope I'm ready!
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    I took mine previously and only got a 723 icon_sad.gif I agree with Blunticus it wasn't hard at all. I just should have trusted my gut on some of the questions and I would have passed. Retaking mine this Tuesday.
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  • daviddwsdaviddws Posts: 303Member
    Passed today with an 814
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    Woot! 869...

    CBT Nuggets 7-day trial, Jonathan Lau ebook, Learnsmart ebook

    Lots of overlap with Security+, some Network+ and A+ type questions.

    I needed it to get certified for warranty work on Lenovo ThinkServers.
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    Thanks for the update, and congratulations on your pass. Server+ is one I've thought about taking several times. I've taken some practice test lately and passed them. Most of the questions didn't seem that rough at all. Not sure what kind of ROI it has in 2014. I heard it's one of the lifetime certs though, and another cert on the resume can't hurt.
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