Feedback on my certifications roadmap

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Hey Forumites. I am a junior doing an undergrad in system/network administration and security. My goal is to become a network security administrator/engineer then a penetration tester. Most people advise on starting with the CompTIA trinity, but I went after the A+ and it was very basic. Then I took a look at N+ and Security+ and the material was too rudimentary for me and not worth the money. Instead I opted to obtain certifications that reflect foundational knowledge obtained through my curriculum. I am of the belief that to be able to defend enterprise networks, you must know how the technology works and that's what I'm trying to achieve here. I'm hoping to backup these certs with experience gained from internships. This is my certifications roadmap:

Linux: Linux+ --> RHCSA --> RHCE

Networking: CCENT --> CCNA Security --> CCNP Security

Windows: MCSA

Security: OSCP --> CISSP

I've already completed Linux+ and have started working towards CCENT. By the time that I graduate, I'd like to have the following certs: Linux+, CCENT, CCNA Security, RHCSA, MCSA, and OSCP.

I'm a big fan of Linux and I thoroughly enjoy networking. I don't really like Windows and would prefer not working with it professionally. What are your thoughts?


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