1 Month to Study

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Hi Everyone. Been lurking for awhile, I hate to ask, but I need to ask. I took a college course last semester (Fall 2013) that was geared toward the N+ Exam and helping the students pass. With that class I got a voucher for a free exam through CompTia. After that semester ended I had some family issues and could not devote enough time to study before the Spring 2014 semester started. That semester was quite booked and didn't have time to study as well. Probably just me being lazy. Since then I've toured and visited and talked with some local companies and friends in a NOC Networking environment. I'm not sure that s the direction I want to pursue anymore (no offense). I have sense decided I like the Informatics / Business or System Analyst position. The job postings and people I have spoke with regarding a Business Analyst make no mention of obtaining the N+ cert.

So my issue: my voucher expires I a month, and I didn't fully understand all the concepts during the course. I do know that I'm not taking the same test as someone paying through the website. Is it worth me to study hard for the next 20-30 days, if so, what material will be the best? I see a lot of people refer to the Messer videos online.


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