CSTM - Cyber Scheme Team Member

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Does anyone have any experience of the CSTM - Cyber Scheme Team Member certification?
Specifically, I'm interested to know if someone with CEH, Security +, CCNA and eCPPT Gold certifications would be in a good position to sit and pass the exam without going on targeted training course?


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    Starting to see more and more of these third party security certs. Just because you can set up a few vulnerable VMs doesn't make you a legit cert vendor. Why are you interested in pursuing this test in particular?
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    It's a UK government backed certification - CESG - What is CHECK?. If you are to sit and pass CSTM, you can apply and be approved for CHECK Team Member status by the CESG which is part of GCHQ, provided you also obtain Security Clearance.
    I believe all government pen testing contracts require CHECK status and most pen testing firms advertise for CHECK Team Member or CHECK Team Leader depending on the position.

    It's also possible to sit the CREST Register Tester Registered Penetration Tester | CREST - Ethical Security Testers to obtain Team Member status, which might be more beneficial as CREST appear to be well thought off.

    I'm hoping someone here has experience of sitting either of these?
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