Experience requirments for CISA application

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Hi all

My experience is as follows:
- Bachelor and Masters degree in Information systems
- PhD in Information Security (3 year program)
- PostDoc for 2 years with research in the area of information security
- IS-Auditor and risk manger for over one year in my current Company

I would fill the application form as follows:
A. INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDIT, CONTROL, ASSURANCE OR SECURITY EXPERIENCE: 1 year at current company plus 2 years PostDoc in Information Security
C. EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE WAIVER: 3 years substitution waiver for a Bachelor’s degree PLUS Master’s in Information Security or Information Technology.

In total, this would give me 6 years of experience and would be enough to apply for CISA. The question is just whether the PostDoc is regarded as work experience.

Do people know here anything more?

Many thanks,


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