CISM with CISA and CISSP as foundation

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I have recently passed CISA and CISSP and would like to complete the golden triangle with the CISM. I guess
in CISM a lot of similar topics like for CISA and CISSP will be covered. Could anyone advice me how much preparation I have to consider with my background knowledge?

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    I have the CISSP and just passed the CISM in June and I can say a good bit of what I learned during my CISSP studies helped with passing the CISM. As far as the CISM preparation goes I just used ISACA's CISM Review Manual (really dry just read through once) and then the Practice Question CD-ROM and drilled in the concepts in the 10-12 weeks leading up to the actual exam. I felt comfortable taking the exam with this approach and ended up scoring pretty well. I intend to do the CISA next in December.
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    After CISSP the CISM should be easy, less effort. Ayway best of luck.
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