Just starting 70-246 and 70-247 for myself / potential study group

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I am pretty new to the forums however, I had been a lurking here for quite some time. Today, I am posting to openly invite anyone who is on a path for MCSE Private Cloud to study as a group together. I am thinking maybe 1-2 google hangout days a week to discuss objectives. I have no set date goal but I am actually attending a bootcamp on August 10th for 70-247 and I just want to prepare myself as much as possible ahead of time. I included both 246 and 247 because I will most likely go through the nuggets for 246 first at least and will have to take the 70-246 eventually. If I find people to study with or not I will be sure to leave behind everything I did to obtain both certs to help anyone in the future who also needs guidance on resources most helpful for both 70-246 and 70-247. PM me if interested.


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    Hello silent12ill, I'll be willing to join if you're really serious with it :) I'll PM you my gmail address (won't be able to PM you till you have 5 posts though).

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    Count me in.
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    Sounds great, yeah I'll have to get more posts then haha thanks for the info on that!

    Edit: I got 5 on it! :)
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    Dude.. eff this cert. If you are considering this certification, ask yourself, "Am I going to be building out automated IaaS environments using Microsoft technologies?". For the majority of people, the answer to this is no. If you are among those people, avoid this. It is a very niche certification that is, oddly, marketed to a broad market. Don't believe me? Search around this forums for other references to this exam and you will not find much.
    I consider this a very senior level track that you really shouldn't consider unless you're extremely well versed in other Microsoft technologies.

    Source? I have a lot of experience with SCCM, SCOM, and other system center products. Took a Horizon View course. Failed the test in the 500s. Realized I was way out of my league.

    I am sure you could probably juice this test like any other but you will not land an engineering position at an organization that offers IaaS with just the cert. Consider what value this certification will bring to you and if it is worth it.

    Plus, you should really do 70-247 first, followed by 70-246. 247 is configuring and deploying. 246 is monitoring and operating.

    Best of luck to ya.
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    Thanks for the suggestion tprice5. Fortunately for me, I would be using the skills acquired from mcse private cloud. Although I cannot speak for the others but we are simply educating ourselves in something we are interested in. I happen to be needing it to help the company I work for. I appreciate the tip as well on going into 70-247 first as it was something I was considering previously.
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    created the group yet?
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