In regards to the difficulty of Network+

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Comparativly how difficult is net+ compared to both A+ tests?

By what I am seeing it is going to be easier than the OS. Am I underestimating it?

(obviously it varies by tester)

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    i dont know myself either.. i am also going for the network+.. i feel its going to be a bit easier for some reason.. maybe b/c i have real world experience, but.. judgeing by the pretest.. i think its going to be not that hard..

    however,. there is like 70 questions.. compared to the 20-30 questions on the OS

    Webmaster.. im wating on your Premuim guide to come out.. im gonna be all over that.
  • pandimuspandimus Senior Member Member Posts: 651
    Oh, didnt realize there were 70 questions.. Is it adaptive too?
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  • janmikejanmike Senior Member Member Posts: 3,076
    I passed Net+ about 2 weeks ago. For me it was on the A+ level in difficulty. The only thing is, read the questions and be sure that you understand them before you answer. CompTIA expects you to be able to analyze several problem scenarios. The most difficult part is sifting out the information that really gives you the answer!

    I used all of the online practice exams that I could find and some that I purchased. I was very glad that most of these exams have several trouble shooting scenarios on them.

    When I was studying, I searched for study aids with strictly trouble shooting practice problems, but didn't find anything free or even that I could purchase like that.

    Well, these are strictly by opinions. Best of luck!

    PS. Network+ is not adaptive. You have 72 questions and 90 minutes to do them.
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  • pandimuspandimus Senior Member Member Posts: 651
    Yeah, i just found out it is not adaptive on comptias site.

    You said you did purchase some.. What did you purchase? Do you recommend them?

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  • DrakonblaydeDrakonblayde Senior Member Member Posts: 542
    Net+ really isn't that hard, but I'd say it's a bit harder than the A+ just because it is more questions. Most of what i ran into was scenario questions, more than half the test was such. I scored very well, but it took me half an hour to do the test as compared to the 17 minutes it took me for both A+ exams and they're accompanying surveys. As long as you know your stuff, you should be ok, just make sure to read the questions and understand what the question is asking for.
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  • janmikejanmike Senior Member Member Posts: 3,076
    You should take a look at

    I got the Net+ free with an A+ purchase. I felt that these questions were of a more difficult level than many others that I tried. I believe that they helped me. The format is a lot like CompTIA uses. I think 4 or 5 hundred questions for $15.95.

    Try the demo questions at

    I liked these simple quizzes. Be warned, they're not really that close to the real exam presentation, but they will help in determining weak areas.
    They helped a lot in determining if I had really learned "the facts" of the matter. A lot of these are more like definitions of terms. If the demos help, you can get another 500 questions for $8.95.

    I went for these, $19, but I I thought that they were effective. They were more testing than the CD practice tests I got with the All-In-One Study Guide. I think that is it for purchases. But, I used every free site I could find on the Internet.

    I only used the All-IN-One Network+ Certification Exam Guide for my studies. I don't recommend that others do that. I should have used at least one more. However, I did pass!

    Of course, the TechExam practice tests are a good measure of what you know.

    Well, try the demos. You may not care for them, but I believe they kept me on track.
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  • pandimuspandimus Senior Member Member Posts: 651
    Thanks a bunch for the info folks.

    Janmike, thanks for the links. I might give the arlanatech test a whirl.

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    Does anyone have any advice for me before Wednesday? This is my first certification and I'm taking the Net+ exam on Wednesday. If anyone can give me any helpful hints before then. I would appreciate it.
    :) Thanks
  • WebmasterWebmaster Johan Hiemstra Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
  • MoncheriMoncheri Junior Member Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Yes, I have found that page and have taken all the practice exams and passed them. I thought that is was the best page for the practice exams out of all the other websites I've been to.
  • jpinoniemijpinoniemi Junior Member Cleveland, OHMember Posts: 9 ■■■□□□□□□□
    For me A+ was easier than N+ just because of the real world experience I had with computer hardware.

    Like many others, I thought the next logical step after A+ was to progress to N+.

    You could pass the test by reading a book and memorizing answers, yet not really learn and understand how it works.

    I missed passing the exam last March with the 1999 objectives by 2 points which equates to 2 more correct answers. I was a bit pissed. However, the job I have now has exposed me to a lot of network troubleshooting and the experience has helped me tremendously. I passed my N+ last week with 833, compared with 644 a year ago.

    Some people may disagree, but nothing beats experience. Good luck!

    Also here is a free 48 question practice exam from on the OSI model, there is also an 80 question TCP/IP exam (which you don't really need to pass the N+) but is good knowledge.
    scroll down to "Misc", you will need a user ID, and it is free.
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