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I'm having a hell of a time remembering all the different types of encryption and pertinent information. I.E. DES, 3DES, etc. I'm pretty good on most of all of the other information when going through Darril's book. What is a good method to remembering them all? Flash cards?


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    I broke it down into the two methods: symmetric and asymmetric. I also used Darril's book as well as his premium website content. Combined together it's more than enough. Just review them often and you'll be fine!:)
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    ^ no idea what that means. Cryptography is the method to remembering cryptography concepts?

    The way i got this to stick was just learning the asymmetric algorithms usin the DDEER acronym.
    - Diffie-Hellman
    - DSS/DSA
    - ECC
    - El Gamal
    - RSA

    Any other popular algorithm not there is symmetric. Honestly, I never bothered trying to remember key sizes, number of rounds, an all that other useless trivia. Passed Sec+, CISSP, and the WGU crypto test with this method.
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    Appreciate the advice. I've been struggling with remembering all of the various key sizes and what not.
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    I just took the SY0-301, the questions on Crypto were pretty basic. I didn't have a single question on key sizes.
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    Sym: Blowfish/2fish RCseries Aes Idea Des/3Des + Mars and Serpant BRAIDS

    Assym: Rsa Elliptical El Gam Delfi Digital sign REEDD
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    ThXX! These are Brilliant. There should be a Section just for acronyms & mnemonics.
    I made up a few myself...
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    Download tools and make some keys and encrypt files. Do you have access to a MS Root CA server to play with?
    You can also download pluguns in outlook to send encrypted messages for experience.
    Also setup a VPN with L2TP.
    I thought DH was a method to exchange keys securely for vpn, not actual encryption only?
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