Have you ever forfeited an exam?

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I took the Stanly class last year and have been postponing my VCP for many months. Paid for the test a while back. Two months ago I finally decided to schedule it for July 30th. Earlier this month I decided to go for the WGU MSISA and now I'm so ingrained into it that there's no way I can focus on the VCP. Since my studies are not where I want them to be and I have no time/desire to keep going, I am seriously considering forfeiting the test. It's either that or go take it anyway and see what happens.

So what do you say? Forfeit or go take it? Not sure what I would hate more, forfeiting or failing.


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    I have forfeited an exam in the past, granted it was only a beta. And have failed more than a handful of exams.

    In my mind, the difference between the two when it comes to exam taking is that:

    forfeiting = giving up before you try
    failing = you tried and gained some experience for next time

    Is there no way you can postpone the exam to a time when you're ready?
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    Tough call, I took ICND2 and failed it a few years ago. Now I usually have a good gauge of if I will pass or not but it sucked to go through the test and know I was going to fail. I decided I wouldn't continue down the Cisco path as my heart was not in it, VMware is where I want to be but there are things in my path that I need hurdle first. Just to contradict myself - I *might* redo the CCNA but probably no further than that of actual tests.

    I know you are heading towards the security route, so I'd say just let things be and just continue with WGU. No shame in not continuing with something that isn't your passion, you have still gained knowledge after all.
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    I'd say it depends on how much experience you have with it. Do you feel comfortable with all of the items on the blueprint? Otherwise, reschedule. I mean you've already paid the $50 and there's nothing stopping you from rescheduling is there? It seems silly not to go and take the test at the very least. Who cares if you fail?
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    If you don't feel comfortable with the material and pass because you get lucky you might not have lost money but I am not sure I would feel comfortable with saying I am comfortable with the material just because I passed. I passed a Solaris cert years ago by the skin of my teeth and I also got lucky on a few and I never did put that on my resume.
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    Even if you don't have time to properly study, if you already paid, I would take it anyway to get a feel for it.
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    Can you reschedule the exam?
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  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,927 Mod
    Rescheduling is not an option given I am going full force on the MSISA and dedicating all my time to it. If I don't do it by the 30th is definitely not happening.
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    Agreed with gc8dc95 , if it's already paid for might as well make the attempt.
    At least you'll work through the testing-jitters and it'll count toward practice.
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    I forgot a few exams actually. Yepp, a few. Some free ComptIA exams, some Microsoft exams and ALMOST forgot my VCAP-DCA :o

    Just had enough time to re-schedule ..
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