CISSP Exam 31/07/2014

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Hi Folks

I have been following this forum closely the last two months for all possible advice on the CISSP exam.(really informative)
I have scheduled my first attemp on Thursday 31/07/2014.

Background: I have been working in IT for the last 12 years of which the last 6 years have been in Network/Systems/Information security.

I have used the following materials for preperation during the last 6 months:

Shon Harris AIO 6th edt. - Read through once and reviewed all domains a second time over.
Eric Conrad - CISSP study guide 2nd edt. - read it once
Eric Conrad - 11th Hour - Read it once.
Keith Barker CISSP - CBT

I worked through all the questions on Total tester that came with the Shon Harris book when I purchased it and scoring on average 80-90%.
I have done all the questions from the Shon Harris book.
I subscribed for Transcender as well and worked through all the questions averaging 75%

Obviously feeling still nervous for next week with everyone slamming the exam as so hard.

Any other recommendations?



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    looks like you have it all cover, just relax for a day before you head into take the exam, and read the question twice and make sure you do not miss the "NOT" in the questions.
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    You have done the easy part... Now, learn to answer the questions and hone in your test taking strategy... That is the hard part and the difference between passing and failing the CISSP exam.

    Take a look at my post titled "So you want to be a CISSP..." and several similar posts about taking the tests. Take a few 250 question tests and see how you do... time and concentration wise. Most test takers adopt a "one break and 2 pass" strategy... you simply take a break probably half way thru or after a first pass on the exam... followed by another pass at the marked questions. you will have to create your own strategy depending on your concentration levels... a "two break, two pass" strategy is not uncommon.

    Best of luck in the exam...!!!
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    Thanks for the response I am reading through them again.

    Seem to be getting 403 errors the last couple of days on the Mcgraw Hill site. icon_cry.gif
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