CISSP Certificate

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Hi there,

I'm new in this forum. My job is Windows System Admin, and I'm thinking to take CISSP exam as security is becoming serious now. Is there anyone can provide me any information about this exam?
  • What kind of job people look for after getting certification?
  • What are responsibilities for those security position?
  • Am I qualify to this exam as system admin?
  • Is it the right path for a system admin to approach?
  • Where can I find more exam materials unless
  • What is average time to pass exam for people who take it?
Thank you so much in advance!!!!


  • broli720broli720 Member Posts: 394 ■■■■□□□□□□
    A quick search on the forums or google could give you this information. If you have any other questions after that, we'll be happy to chime in.
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