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A few days ago I brought a subscription for CBT Nuggets (Basic), after one of my friends recommending it to me, and my book has recently been delivered (Wendell's OCG).. Since then I was using INE (Sadly this was based on the old exam series)

I was wondering would you guys recommend I go through the CBT Nuggets or the OCG first, I'm indecisive about this?

Need some thoughts

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    CBT Nuggets give a nice overview so you can watch a video as a primer then read the chapter to really dig in. Rinse and repeat for each subject.
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    CBT Nuggets give a nice overview so you can watch a video as a primer then read the chapter to really dig in. Rinse and repeat for each subject.

    What I sometimes like to do is watch a CBT Nuggets video and then read the accompanying chapter or the relevant material in the book, and it can also be done vice-versa.

    I guess it really depends on your study style, I have a very repetition-oriented study style and I usually find myself going through books or entire video series more than once before taking an exam.
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    Agree with the 2 responses above

    When I did it I watched first to get a general fly by primer. I then went back the second time and read after the videos. I also did labs to reinforce. I did this a couple more times on the weak areas.

    I am sure you will develop your own style, but I would say start with watching the videos.
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    Before studying for CCENT/CCNA I was not a fan of video training.

    After looking at the volume of information that needs to be covered I branched out and ordered a CBT Nuggest subscription.
    I find it works best for me to watch the videos to get a good overview of the topic. This makes my reading comprehension a little better because I already have an idea where the author is going to with the subjects. If I start with a book I often read a lot slower because I am trying to absorb everything at once.

    In the end I agree you will need to find your own mix that works for you.

    Good Luck!
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    ImYourOnlyDJImYourOnlyDJ Member Posts: 180
    I currently use CBT nuggets at home and keep Odom's book at work to read during slow times and lunch breaks. I am going through both materials at my own pace because I like to see the bigger picture before digging deep and mastering each topic.
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