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StonedHitmanStonedHitman Member Posts: 120
So, as I was going over my studies for EIGRP and was a little unsure about something. Below under show ip eigrp topology I have 2 successors, looks like equal cost load balancing for Then for the sh ip route it shows both those routes to get to Normally the routing table only includes the successor route while the topology table includes both the successor and feasible successor route. But in this case, with the output shown below, does this mean there is no feasible successor but 2 equal successor routes?

#sh ip eigrp topology
P, 2 successors, FD is 33280
via (33280/30720), FastEthernet0/1
via (33280/30720), FastEthernet1/0

#sh ip route eigrp
D [90/33280] via, 00:02:18, FastEthernet0/1
[90/33280] via, 00:02:18, FastEthernet1/0
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    tomtom1tomtom1 Member Posts: 375
    Yes, you are correct. EIGRP has a default setting of variance 1, which will mean it will do equal cost loadbalancing by default. Since the FD is equal cost, load balancing will occur, 2 active routes will be placed in the routing table and by having 2 (out of 2) routes active, there is no need for a feasible successor (backup route).
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