Eight performance based questions! ouch.

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Failed today. 700. Thought I was sort of ready. I was getting 90s on a variety of practice tests. Hammered in on subnetting last weekend and then mind went blank tonight. Do yourselves a favor and anticipate a complex subnetting problem with a multitude of hosts and networks. Studying with just one IP address on each practice question doesn't cut it. A lot of WAP questions and antenna configurations. Can't recall one wiring question and I worked a lot on that. OSI, maybe a couple. Tried skipping over the simulations to do at the end, but another one would come up, and then another one and then another one..after the 6th one, I think the proctor heard me muttering. I didn't understand the scenarios half of the time and I've been doing this line of work for 9 years! This was the mother of all. Are all test created equally? I'm bummed and broke. icon_rolleyes.gif


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    Sorry to hear that you did not pass icon_sad.gif. I also had a terrible time with those performance based questions and a couple kept exiting the simulations while I was making the configuration changes. Keep studying and you will get it. What study materials did you use? Maybe you just need a different author that explains things differently.
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    Don't give up, now that you've identified your weak areas. Go back and sharpen it up, based on what I've read on this board everyone experienced a different exam. The performance part IMO was horrible, it wasn't an issue about not knowing the material. The difficult part was navigating and executing the problem.
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