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I've just started studying for my Network+. Any tips and study materials which you can recommend out there. Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.icon_study.gif


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    When I got my certs, I used Mike Meyers: Certification All-in-One Exam Guide. It was well written, ended up walking out with a 94% score. I haven't checked the objectives lately, but I would say have good knowledge of: OSI model and subnetting. I had many questions regarding utility switches, for example: ping -n, netstat -f
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    Don't forget to print out the Exam Objectives they will help you keep track of you might expect in the exam plus, it makes your process of studying organized. Just fill in the missing and you can get started.
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    As the above poster mentioned print off those objectives and make sure you are comfortable with everything listed. I even wrote notes to the side about each objective. I only used Lammle's Network+ study guide (although I completed the Cisco academy six years ago) to pass the exam. I definitely recommend setting up your own network and get some good experience sharing folders and play with the command line. I also got some experience by hosting LAN parties and by setting up a personal webserver.
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    Thanx a million.
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    Thanx a million
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    Also go to Professor Messer website, he has the entire exam broken down into videos. (Let me add, its FREE)
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