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So I've been spending the day completing my certification roadmap as a rough idea as to what I want to try and achieve over the 12 months while at university.

Below here is the roadmap I have at the moment

CCNA Routing & Switching -> CCNA Security -> OSCP ->

Is this a good roadmap, or are there any alterations that anyone can recommend?

Furthermore, will I be at a disadvantage if I get the A+, and N+ in my final years at university (when I have money to waste on them)?
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    Are you planning on getting the CCNA before the Network+? If you feel comfortable studying and achieving that certificate, then I wouldn't see why you would need the N+.

    As for the A+, it depends. I think a lot of employers automatically look for that when it comes to an entry level job. At the same time, if you had any of those other certifications that you listed, I would think that those would be more well-regarded than an A+.
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