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Hi all, I am currently having a hard time deciding what cert I should pursue next. I graduated from college last year with a degree in Computer Information System. However, I found out that my degree was pretty much useless and that most people that want to work in IT usually start off working in Help Desk. But in order to find a job in Help Desk, I would need some kind of certifications if I want to increase my chance of finding a job. Therefore, I went ahead and got myself the A+ certified.

Fast forward a year later, I am now working as a Help Desk Technician doing general technical support tasks. Lately, I have been thinking of studying for new certs but I feel lost in term of what cert I should get next. My long term goal is to hopefully work as a system admin and that MCSE would be the primary cert that I will need to get. My co-workers have been telling me to study for the MCSA but I felt quite overwhelmed after looking at the study materials, and that I feel like my weak point is in networking right now. Considering that fact that I don't have a lot of experience yet as this is my first IT job, would it make sense to go for the N+ cert first or possibly CCENT/CCNA if I want to gain knowledge in networking before studying for MCSA?


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    I would go with the Network+ cert since you are already familiar with Comptia certs. The CCENT/CCNA are going to require you to get sort of physical equipement or sim environment setup to learn the command line syntax of devices may never touch again as a sys admin whereas the N+ with teach you the concepts.

    If you want to be a system admin take it one exam at a time and recommend starting with the client exam (either Win8 or Win7) first. Then get your MCSA and fianlly MCSE. If you have never touched Windows server before or used it on a regular basis I strong recommend building a home lab. Buy a cheap server or two off of ebay. Practice installing, configuring and breaking it then doing it all over again.
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    If networking is your goal I'd skip the N+ and go straight to Cisco certs. Much more return on your investment.
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