New CCSA NGX (156-215) exam question

jsondjsond Member Posts: 66 ■■□□□□□□□□
I have been studying for my CCSA for about a month now. Now that the new exam (156-215) is for the NGX I have recently purchased the Syngress configuring NGX book. It seems there are more topics of study for the new CCSA (NGX) than the older one (156-210, NG AI). The other book I have on the CCSA does not include anything on VPN's, VoIP, and QoS despite it being released back in August. I have viewed the objectives for the NGX CCSA cert on checkpoints web site. It does include VPN's and VoIP. Can anyone who has taken the new test confirm that the CCSA NGX includes these additional topics that were not originally included in the CCSA NG AI?

Thanks in advance for any help. My main issue is whether VPN's, VoIP, and QoS are reservered for the CCSE or whether they are now incorporated into the new CCSA NGX.


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